Process start by email

In a SaaS environment, the process starts with an email feature allowing users to trigger process execution by sending an email. This documentation provides a comprehensive guide on how to initiate process execution via email, highlighting the necessary prerequisites and outlining the step-by-step process. By following these instructions, users can seamlessly start processes through email and observe subsequent activity on user or service tasks.


Before initiating the process start by email, it is essential to ensure that the desired process model has been successfully deployed within the SaaS platform.

It is important to note that draft versions of process models cannot be started via email. Once the process model is deployed, users can proceed to the Activity mode, which serves as the central hub for real-time process monitoring and execution.

Process specific virtual email box

Within the Activity mode interface, users can locate and click on the play button, which reveals a sidebar containing various process start options. Users should focus on the section titled "Process Start with Email." Here, they will find a dedicated virtual email box unique to the specific process. The structure of this virtual email box is as follows: {{process_uuid}}@{{company_slug}} Sending an email to this virtual email box will automatically trigger the start of the associated process.

Each process has a virtual email box: {{process_uuid}}@{{company_slug}} For example

Initiating Process Execution

To initiate process execution via email, users need to compose an email and address it to the designated virtual email box. Things to know:

  • The subject line will not be used.

  • The body of the email can include additional details or attachments required for the process execution and will be automatically converted to a structured JSON file.

  • If the process has mandatory data input requirements during its start, ensure that all the necessary information is added to the email body to initiate the process.

  • All attachments will be stored in your organization storage (it will impact your dedicated storage quota, be sure you don't send heavy files).

  • Once the email is sent, the process associated with the virtual email box will start automatically.

Activity after the process started

After successfully initiating the process execution via email, users can expect to see activity on user or service tasks within the process flow. These tasks represent the specific actions and operations that need to be performed to progress the process further. By monitoring the activity on these tasks, users can gain insights into the progress and status of the process execution.

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