Manual process start

In a SaaS environment, manual process start is a fundamental feature that allows users to initiate process execution at their discretion. This documentation serves as a comprehensive guide to manual process start, highlighting the key steps involved in manually triggering the execution of a process. To begin the manual process start, it is essential to have a deployed process model in place, as draft versions are not eligible for manual execution. By following the steps outlined herein, users can seamlessly initiate process execution and observe activity on user or service tasks.

  1. Be sure you have deployed Process Model Ensure that the desired process model has been successfully deployed within the SaaS platform. Draft versions cannot be started manually.

  2. Access Activity Mode Navigate to the Activity mode, which serves as the hub for real-time process monitoring and execution.

  3. Click on the Play Button Within the Activity mode interface, click on the play button to reveal a sidebar with process start options.

  4. Select process Start Option Look for the section titled "Process Start Manually" in the sidebar. Click the "Start Process Manually" button.

  5. Data Form (if applicable) A popup window may appear, containing a data form with mandatory fields. Fill in all the mandatory fields accurately and completely.

  6. Initiate Process Once all mandatory fields are entered, confirm the process initiation to start manual execution.

  7. Activity Monitoring Observe the activity of user or service tasks within the process flow to track the progress and status of the process.

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