Token simulation


Token simulation in Stackflows Studio allows you to simulate the execution of a BPMN process by tracking the flow of tokens through the process model. Tokens represent the state of the process as it progresses from one activity to another. Each token represents an instance of a process or a process instance, and it moves through the process model according to the defined sequence flows.

By using token simulation, you can analyze the behaviour of your business process, identify potential bottlenecks or errors, and evaluate the expected outcomes. It helps you understand how the process flows, which activities are executed in what order, and how tokens are distributed throughout the process.

Token simulation in Studio provides real-time feedback on the execution of the process. You can observe how tokens are created, move between activities, and get terminated or completed. It allows you to identify any potential issues or inefficiencies in the process design before implementing it in a production environment.

To perform token simulation in Studio, you can define the initial state of your process, including input variables, and then start the simulation. You can track the movement of tokens visually and analyze their behaviour using various metrics and statistics provided by the tool.

Overall, Studio token simulation feature helps you gain insights into your business process models and validate their behaviour, ensuring that your processes are well-designed and optimized for efficiency.

How to use it?

Please follow these steps:

  1. Open process model in Studio

  2. Enter the tab "EDIT MODEL"

  3. Enable "Token simulation" switcher at the top left corner

  4. Click START button on Start node at your process diagram

If you wish to stop simulation on user tasks, click Pauze icon or particular user task

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