Camunda 7 connection

What is Camunda?

A process orchestration stack with execution engines for BPMN workflows and DMN decisions.

Stackflows supports Camunda Community Edition integration. Camunda can be operated in any infrastructure and reached via REST API.

Download Camunda Community Edition 7


Once you’ve downloaded this, and started Camunda Platform 7, you will be able to find the web apps at https://{YOUR_SERVER_IP}:8080/ and log in with demo/demo. From here, you can log into Cockpit and you’ll find we’ve supplied you with a demo process called Invoice Receipt. This is the process we’re going to be stepping through.

The download that you’ve got up and running also happens to have a great way to make REST calls! As part of Camunda Run distribution, you can access SwaggerUI. This (if you haven’t heard about it) is a way of making REST calls to a service if provided a description of their REST API. To access it go to:


REST API URL which needs to be provided to Stackflows for connection is:



You can find requirements for a server-side at Camunda official website

Regarding requirements from Stackflows side, we expect our customers to provide external access to REST API URL (or whitelist our IP address, please contact us to get it)

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