The Ultimate Business Process Management Tool

Discover StackFlows Studio Documentation, your comprehensive resource for mastering our powerful business process management tool. Learn to draw, automate, data map, create BPMN diagrams, collaborate, share, comment, send, integrate, and more.

BPMN/DMN diagram Drawing and Visualization

Create stunning diagrams and flowcharts effortlessly, visualizing your processes without technical hurdles.

Know more about process model design.

Process execution at scale

Streamline operations and save time by automating tasks with clear instructions and examples.

Know more about model deployment and execution.

Data Mapping and Integration

Seamlessly connect organization units, databases, and applications for smooth data flow and informed decisions.

Know more about data mapping and integrations.

Collaborate and communicate with team members

Invite team members, gather feedback, and make revisions in real-time for effective collaboration.

More about sharing and commenting on models.

Streamlined Communication

Relate diagrams to specific departments, enhancing cross-functional coordination and understanding.

Know more about data forms and user task delegation for organization units.

Real-time Simulation and Token-based Modeling

Experience real-time simulation and token-based modelling in StackFlows Studio. Analyze processes, identify bottlenecks, and optimize workflows. Track virtual tokens to gain insights and make informed decisions for continuous improvement.

Know more about token simulation and real-time process simulation

Pre-built Apps and Custom Integration

Integrate with popular tools and systems, eliminating manual data transfer and optimizing workflow.

Know more about integrating custom apps.

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