integration is an exceptional platform that empowers users to streamline their workflow and create stunning designs effortlessly. With a vast array of integrations available, including a range of popular design tools, project management software, and cloud storage services, seamlessly connects with various applications, enabling users to collaborate efficiently and leverage their preferred tools within a unified interface. The extensive integration options offered by make it a versatile solution that caters to diverse design needs, enhancing productivity and enabling a smooth design process.

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Create a profile

To begin using the integration, a one-time setup is required to obtain access to your organization within

  1. Label - Enter any title you want to name your Profile

  2. API token - Enter your profile API token. You can create it here (Click on your name at the bottom left menu > Profile > API)

  3. Team > Enter an ID of your team

    1. Go to TEAMS on the left sidebar

    2. Copy team ID from URL ({{team_ID}}/team/dashboard)

  4. Test the connection - After creating your Profile and selecting an action you should see all your scenarios under select box "Select scenario"

Execute scenarios

By initiating the selected scenario in, this action triggers the complete execution of the scenario. Once the scenario is successfully finished, the corresponding service task is resolved, allowing the process to seamlessly progress to the next step.

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