Introduction to StackFlows

Everything you need to know about Stackflows

Stackflows is a platform for smart personal automation and complex business processes established in 2022.

It contains two main products:

  • User area for people to run their roles with user task management

  • Studio for operational and process management people to design process models

Stackflows help businesses adopt more efficient ways of user work, leading to a significant increase in the digital maturity of the company and the achievement of higher goals through greater efficiency.

The problem we solve

Companies with low digital maturity strongly rely on key individuals' mindsets, attitudes, and knowledge. This leads to a lack of scalability, difficulty in replicating or expanding processes, and a higher risk of errors and inconsistencies in processes. Poor coordination between departments results in duplicate work and wasted time and resources.

Most team leaders or executives spend 60% of their time on work delegation. Stackflows help to standardise workflows and automate task delegation.

The solution

Our real-time process management platform assists companies in streamlining their work processes and collaboration among employees. StackFlows facilitates faster achievement of goals by automating task assignments for organization units, no-brainer data collection and communication, and monitoring performance in an efficient and user-friendly manner.

Know more about BPMN

BPMN, or Business Process Model and Notation, is a standardized graphical notation that allows organizations to visually represent and document their business processes in order to improve clarity, communication, and analysis.

Introduction and lessons about BPMN


Use our API to build custom integrations" means that our organization provides an Application Programming Interface (API) that allows developers to connect and interact with our software or platform, enabling them to create tailored and personalized integrations between our system and other applications, services, or platforms according to their specific needs and requirements. This API provides a set of predefined functions, protocols, and tools that developers can utilize to establish seamless communication and exchange of data between different systems, enhancing flexibility, and interoperability, and extending the capabilities of our software.

API Documentation

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