Node types

What is a node?

One node is any of the objects on the BPMN diagram.

What are node types?

Here, we have compiled frequently asked questions to help you better understand the different node types used in Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN).

Node TypeDescriptionUse Case

Start Event

Represents the beginning of a process flow.

Indicates the initiation of a process or the start of a workflow.

Intermediate Event

Represents an event that occurs within the process flow.

Captures and signifies an occurrence during the process execution.

End Event

Represents the end of a process flow.

Marks the completion of a process or a workflow.


Represents a specific activity or task that needs to be performed.

Represents a unit of work or action within the process.


Represents a decision point or branching in the process flow.

Routes or merges process flows based on specific conditions.


Represents a subprocess or a detailed level of process flow.

Breaks down complex processes into manageable sub-processes.

Data Object

Represents data used or produced within the process.

Depicts the flow and manipulation of data in the process.


Provides additional information or explanation for BPMN elements.

Adds notes, comments, or documentation to the process model.

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