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Here main Stackflows platform definitions you need to know

Process definitions


Process Engine

  • Provides access to all the services that expose the BPM and workflow operations.

  • Engine executes and operates process models (including diagram)

Process Diagram (BPMN)

  • A two-dimensional (definition, digital structure) representation of a business process

  • A business process notation diagram, or BPMN diagram for short, is used to build easy-to-read business process model flowcharts

  • BPMN diagram symbols are categorized into four main groups: flow objects, connecting objects, swimlanes, and artefacts. Sample

Process Model (BPMN)

  • A three-dimensional (definition, digital structure, changes in time aka revisions) description of a business process

  • The model contains different versions which are received after each model (diagram) deployment.

  • The model always contains the latest version which is up and running in the process engine

  • Each process model version contains a process diagram (BPMN)

  • A process model can be executed by a trigger (action-based or time-based)

  • The latest version contains activity instance statistics. Sample

  • Each version could contain a heatmap. Sample

Decision Model (DMN)

A three-dimensional (definition, digital structure, changes in time aka revisions) description of a business decision. Sample

Decision Diagram (DMN)

A two-dimensional (definition, digital structure) representation of a business decision Sample

Process Instance

  • A particular digitalized business event that follows rules described by a process model

  • One started/running/finished execution of a Process Model

  • A process model can contain unlimited process instances running at the same time


  • Currently, Stackflows are running a single the process engineProce instance

  • All customers (companies) are split by tenant ID, which means, that each Process Model has a tenant ID.

Process versions and statuses

  • If the latest version is 5.0 when the new version (called โ€œExperimentโ€) is being created

  • Each model has the status

    • draft

    • published

  • All running processes, including old ones, can be modified, but starting building a draft version and Re-deployed to the same version

  • Old versions with no running instances are being marked as NOT ACTIVE and not able for updates.

Process Log

Any kind of log or message retrieved while executing or trying to execute a process model

Business key

A business key is a domain-specific identifier of a process instance. Compare this to the process instance id, which is a StackFlows-generated UUID.

The business key is special for two reasons:

  1. Performance: Querying by business key is often more efficient than querying by a variable value. For example, it does not require a join with the variables table.

  2. Visibility: The business key is displayed prominently in applications like Stackflows user area.

Product definitions



Currently, Stackflows are running our own process engine and โ€œCamundaโ€, but the concept is to support different BPMN engines in the long-term.


  • Basically, environment ID is equal to tenant ID, which means that each model can be deployed to the engine with tenant ID and that will indicate which environment is related to

  • One company can have many environments

More about environments

Business (organization) unit

An organizational unit is a construct used to represent an organizational structure. Looking technically itโ€™s just an ID, a Name, and a relation to another organization unit. Itโ€™s like organization structure, but it can include anything the organization wants - roles, departments, teams. More about organization units


  • A tree of free-form entries whose main purpose is to group models together that have similar qualities or belong to similar groups

  • Stackflows supports category tree, which allows user to put one process model into one or another category

  • If process models under one business process have the same goal, so category helps to categorize models by:

    • Departments

    • Type

    • Other

Read more about categories

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